China Unicom Terminal Autumn Fair, supported by Rockchip, is being held in Qingdao today!


China Unicom Communication Terminal Autumn Fair 2016 is being held from 3 to 5 November in Qingdao International Convention Center. “Terminal Crowd Funding”, initiated and developed by China Unicom, is a trading fair for industrial chain terminals. It is dedicated to creating terminal brand events with complete categories, the entire industrial chain and the whole ecology, and the most comprehensive, opened and extensive smart terminal closed loop ecological system.

As an important partner of China Unicom, Rockchip will launch RK3228H, a high-performance operator box solution, during the fair. There are four highlights of the solution:
1. 4K/P60/HDR 
2. support H.265 encoding with 1080P smooth video calls
3. support the brand new UHD standard, improving 4K image and smoothness from multiple dimensions
4. Pioneering P60/4K solution with mass production and high integration, achieving the best cost efficiency

The fair combines two top events--Terminal Crowd Funding and Terminal Autumn Fair. As the core program of the fair, the Terminal Crowd Funding 4.0 has many innovations and breakthroughs in terms of the form of crowd funding, the organization of the conventions and the contents to be displayed, compared with previous fairs. The terminal trading fair will be the largest-scale, highest-profile and most widely covered one in 2016, hitting a historic record with its biggest scale, influence and participation.

Pre:China Unicom and Rockchip jointly released Smart Voice product!   Next: IPTV/OTT Breakout Year: 4K/P60/HDR Rockchip RK3228 Series becomes an excellent choice for IPTV/OTT box!

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